Fred Servello
Dean & Director, Maine Agricultural and Forest Experiment Station
105 Winslow Hall
Phone: 207-581-3202
Fax: 207-581-3207

  • Dean Servello oversees college and experiment station administration and development.

George Criner
Associate Dean
100 Winslow Hall
Phone: 207-581-3203
Fax: 207-581-9388

  • Dr. Criner oversees the college undergraduate academic office. He and his staff have responsibility for all undergraduate academic matters.

Associate Dean for Research & Associate Director, Maine Agricultural and Forest Experiment Station
101 Winslow Hall
Phone: 207-581-3228
Fax: 207-581-3207

  • Assists in college research administration, coordinates experiment station activities, and oversees experiment station facilities and farms.

Angela Champney
Finance & Budget Analyst
106 Winslow
Phone: 207-581-3227

  • Prepares revenue and operating budgets, monthly reconciliations and journal entries
  • Establishes new projects and accounts in Peoplesoft
  • Monitors PARS for approval, maintains grants database and ensures cost sharing is executed
  • Tracks and accounts for college commitments & reimbursements
  • Purchasing, accounts payable and receivables for Dean’s office and farms
  • Provides Peoplesoft and accounting guidance to College departments

Michelle M. Cormier
Administrative Specialist CL3
105 Winslow Hall
Phone: 207-581-3202
Fax: 207-581-3207

  • Dean’s assistant and first point of contact
  • Maintains dean’s schedule
  • Celebration of Excellence event coordination
  • Conference room 202 Winslow scheduling

Sandra Cousins
Accounting Support Specialist CL3 – Research Facilities
1A Winslow Hall
Phone: 207-581-3290
Fax: 207-581-3207

  • Research Facility budgets, orders, work-orders
  • Direct Cost Recovery System
  • Bookkeeping and related administrative work


John Dieffenbacher-Krall
Assistant Director – Research
103 Winslow Hall
Phone: 207-581-3211
Fax: 207-581-3207

  • Official Experiment Station Publications
  • Experiment Station Plan of Work & Annual Plan of Work Report
  • College Faculty Annual Reporting/Database
  • Manager – Experiment Station Federal Reporting System
  • REEport and NIMSS Reporting, Data Collection & Analysis
  • Experiment Station Research Project Development and Reporting
  • Clerk, Board of Agriculture


Susan Gallant
Director of Finance & Administration
106 Winslow Hall
Phone: 207-581-2864
Fax: 207-581-3207

  • Financial management for college including planning, budgeting, reporting, analysis and compliance
  • Coordinates human resource management and personnel actions for the college
  • Oversight for grant submissions and awards including required matching
  • Financial analysis and support for service centers, fee setting & direct cost recovery systems
  • FTE tracking and reporting, including addressing any time and effort issues
  • Manages college commitments including teaching coverage and start up packages
  • Provides financial and human resource guidance and training for college departments


Lynn Kelley

Administrative Specialist CL2
106 Winslow Hall
Phone: 207-581-3215

  • First point of contact for Finance Office
  • Handles travel & purchasing
  • Reconciles Dean’s Office accounts
  • Provides assistance and backup support for financial and human resource functions
  • Assists in financial reporting, projects and analysis

Erin Miller
Communications & Stakeholder Relations Specialist
103 Winslow Hall
Phone: 207-581-3204

  • College Community Relations and Advancement
  • College Training and Professional Development
  • College/Experiment Station websites, press contact, author and editor for external publications

Louis Morin
Computer & Network Coordinator
208 Nutting Hall
Phone: 207-581-2854 Cell phone: 207-949-1438
Fax: 207-581-2875

  • In-house computing services to faculty, oversees staff and student network accounts, and manages the NSFA motor pool.

Peter Reid
Assistant Dean
100 Winslow Hall
Phone: 207-581-3229
Fax: 207-581-9388

    • Coordinates undergraduate student services and student information system data reporting
    • Undeclared academic advisor

Meghan Rochefort
Administrative Specialist CL3
100 Winslow Hall
Phone: 207-581-3206
Fax: 207-581-9388

  • First point of contact for Academic Dean’s office
  • Maintains undergraduate student records and admitted student data
  • Answers academic and MaineStreet related questions
  • Works in academic areas with re-admission and graduation status

Administrative Specialist CL2
101 Winslow Hall
Phone: 207-581-3205
Fax: 207-581-3207

  • First point of contact for Associate Dean for Research & Associate Director of Experiment Station
  • College/Experiment Station Research Council administration
  • College Graduate Student Awards administration
  • College Faculty Senate Membership
  • College Contact List
  • College faculty FTE annual verification
  • Experiment Station research facility information/contact
  • Experiment Station publication numbers
  • Maine Food and Agriculture Center Administrative Support, membership, and grant development
  • Federal Excess Personal Properties Contact
  • Board of Agriculture Reports
  • Conference room 202 Winslow scheduling
  • Special Projects for Associate Dean & Director
  • Dean’s office second point of contact

Rachel Smith
Finance & Administration Coordinator
106 Winslow Hall
Phone: 207-581-3231
Fax: 207-581-3207

  • Tracks, reviews and processes all human resource forms for the college (
  • Monitors and resolves payroll issues for college
  • Coordinates the graduate student and PATFA appointment processes
  • Monitors salary budgets, reconciles all base salary accounts and resolves issues
  • Provides training and guidance for departments in preparing Human Resource forms
  • Supports FTE & other budgetary reporting

Patti Tewhey
Student Support Specialist
100 Winslow Hall
Phone: 207-581-3225
Fax: 207-581-9388

  • Students at Risk, Problem Solving and Monitoring
  • Contact for Missing Students
  • Student and Parent Inquiries/Concerns
  • Undergraduate Academic Policies and Procedures
  • Transfer Evaluation
  • Student Cancellation/Withdrawal/Leave of Absence/Domestic Study Away/Readmission
  • Graduate Course Proposal Review and Coordinate Submission
  • Medical Withdrawal and Refund Process
  • Letters to Instructors to Excuse Students from Class
  • Support and Problem Solving for Program Coordinators and others in Academic Units
  • Coordinate, Receive, and Submission of Project Requests with Academic Units
  • Collect Student Academic Suspension Appeals and Respond to Questions Regarding Process
  • Oral and Written Communications with Academic Units
  • Coordination of Program Coordinators Meetings and Agenda
  • Special Projects for Associate Dean

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