School of Earth and Climate Sciences

News Center Maine reports on Miner’s glacier research

News Center Maine reported on the discovery of pesticide pollutants in a remote glacier and its meltwater by Kimberley Miner, a research assistant professor at the University of Maine Climate Change Institute. Miner led a team of researchers that analyzed ice core and meltwater samples from the Jarvis Glacier in Alaska and compiled the first […]

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WVII interviews Birkel about new UMaine climate report

WVII (Channel 7) interviewed Sean Birkel, a University of Maine research assistant professor and Maine State Climatologist, about the Coastal Maine Climate Futures Report he recently released in collaboration with Paul Mayewski, director of the Climate Change Institute at UMaine. The researchers used weather data dating back to 1895 to track climate change throughout Maine’s […]

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glacier covered mountains

Miner discovers DDT in remote Alaska glacier and meltwater

The perception of glacial water as cold and pristine isn’t reality, says Kimberley Miner. At least the pristine part. The research assistant professor with the University of Maine Climate Change Institute found pesticide pollutants — including the insecticide DDT — in a remote Alaskan glacier and its meltwater. Pesticides that contain organochlorine compounds (OCPs) are […]

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maine coast at sunset

Birkel, Mayewski prepare report to help Mainers plan for climate challenges

Mainers can expect significant environmental changes in the next two decades due to increased greenhouse gas emissions and patterns of variability in the climate system, say University of Maine researchers Sean Birkel and Paul Mayewski. And they’ve produced a report — Coastal Maine Climate Futures — to provide a base for coastal Maine planners to […]

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EurekAlert, ScienceDaily publish UMaine release on Roy’s dam research

Eurekalert and ScienceDaily published a University of Maine news release about research led by Sam Roy, a postdoctoral researcher at the Senator George J. Mitchell Center for Sustainability Solutions, on decisions about whether to build, remove or modify dams, and how, where and when it could be possible to strike a more efficient balance between […]

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heavy equipment deconstructing a dam

Research focuses on New England dam problems and win-win solutions

Decisions about whether to build, remove or modify dams involve complex trade-offs that are often accompanied by social and political conflict. A group of researchers from the natural and social sciences, engineering, arts and humanities has joined forces to show how, where and when it may be possible to achieve a more efficient balance among […]

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World Climate Interactive Negotiation Simulations to be held at Maine schools in October

University of Maine graduate students are partnering with schools across Maine to host World Climate Interactive Negotiation Simulation (WCS) activities. The simulation activity was developed by the nongovernmental organization Climate Interactive and involves a role play in which participants act as country delegates and work together to negotiate a global climate agreement. The simulation emulates […]

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BDN quotes Birkel in article on early fall foliage

The Bangor Daily News quoted Sean Birkel, Maine’s state climatologist and a research assistant professor at the University of Maine Climate Change Institute, in the article, “Maine’s fall foliage is popping up early this year.” Some trees in Maine are already changing color, which could be the result of drought putting the trees under stress, […]

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