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michaela murray ees ug student

Michaela Murray: finding academic path on road to sustainability

University of Maine student Michaela Murray, who is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in ecology and environmental sciences, found her research passion in the form of sustainable food systems. Murray, who is an Honors College student with a minor in economics,  learned about the Farm to Institution Food Project (F2I), a pilot program the Honors College […]

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american beech umaine

American beech dominating, abundance of maples declining due to climate-associated changes in northeastern forests

The composition of hardwood forests in the northeastern United States is changing significantly. In the past 30 years in forestlands in four states, climate-associated changes have increased the abundance of American beech compared to three other hardwood species commonly associated with the regional forests, according to University of Maine-led research team. The significant shift to […]

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gill faculty paleoecology

Jacquelyn Gill finalist for Portland Press Herald Mainer of the Year

Jacquelyn Gill, a University of Maine paleoecologist, is one of the finalists for the Portland Press Herald’s 2017 Mainers of the Year. She helped start a conversation on Twitter that evolved into the March for Science on Earth Day 2017. “I’ve felt catapulted by this national energy around supporting science,” Gill told the Portland Press […]

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hemlock tree new species

UMaine-led team discover new hemlock species

A new species of hemlock has been identified on Ulleungdo, an island east of the Korean peninsula, which may lead to the temperate conifer being considered for conservation. The Ulleungdo hemlock (Tsuga ulleungensis) was identified by an international team led by Garth Holman, a research associate in the School of Biology and Ecology at the […]

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old town high school students forest snow winter header sarah nelson - web header

Crandall, Nelson join team analyzing impacts of winter weather whiplash

If you think Maine’s winter weather has been wilder lately you are likely right. Recent volatile shifts in winter weather are likely connected to rapid changes in arctic weather and sea ice cover. To improve scientists’ and communities’ understanding of winter weather whiplash, and what it means for seasonally snow-covered landscapes like Maine, the National […]

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melissa student boat ocean water dmc

Diving into Aquaculture

Melissa Britsch shares her reflections on her recently completed Aquaculture Internship at the University of Maine’s Darling Marine Center in Walpole. Melissa’s internship and the research she conducted was supported by both state and federal government sources*, along with in-kind support from the Darling Marine Center. Melissa with scallops in Clarks Cove I came to […]

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students northeast dairy challenge 2017

UMaine Students Compete at Northeast Regional Intercollegiate Dairy Challenge

By Grant Herchenroether Five animal and veterinary science students from the University of Maine competed at the 16th annual Northeast Regional Intercollegiate Dairy Challenge®. Schools across the Northeast sent students to compete against one another in this real-world application event. These students are pursuing potential careers in the dairy industry including farmers, researchers, educators, financial […]

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dmc k 12 education dock kids ocean

Darling Marine Center honors departing education coordinator

The University of Maine’s Darling Marine Center recognized Annelissa “Lili” Pugh for her commitment to marine science education as she leaves the position of DMC K-12 Education Coordinator in late November. “We are very grateful to Lili Pugh for her dedication and many contributions to the Center,” said Heather Leslie, Director of the DMC. Pugh has been the heart and soul of […]

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