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Nadir Yildirim

NSF Awards UMaine Grads $225,000 to Create Eco-Friendly Thermal Insulation Foam Board

An Orono-based company founded by two University of Maine graduates has been awarded $224,996 from the National Science Foundation to create a prototype for the first completely eco-friendly thermal insulation foam board. Nadir Yildirim, a graduate of UMaine’s innovation engineering program and current Ph.D. student in the Wood Science and Technology Program in the School […]

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Study Shows Bluefin Tuna Going Hungry Due to Size of Prey, not Abundance

Bluefin tuna are going hungry in a sea full of fish because their foraging habits are most efficient with larger — not necessarily more abundant — prey, according to a study led by a University of Maine marine scientist.Walter Golet, assistant research professor in the School of Marine Sciences and the Gulf of Maine Research […]

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honey bee

What’s Buzzin’

A group of University of Maine researchers is working to enhance native and honey bee populations by increasing beneficial pollinator flowers across Maine’s landscape. This is not a new idea — what is new is their choice of research location. Some might describe one of their sites as trashy, but the researchers think it’s just […]

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‘Rainforests of the Sea’

University of Maine marine scientist Bob Steneck encouraged Dominican Republic officials and stakeholders to preserve and improve coral reefs — what he calls the tropical rainforests of the sea — in a keynote address on World Oceans Day, in Santo Domingo. “They contain 25 percent of all species on Earth. However, they are also among […]

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Learning From Insects

When Cassie Gibbs came to the University of Maine in 1971, a photograph hanging in an office in Deering Hall captivated her. She was studying it one day when Geddes Simpson, head of the Entomology Department, informed her that the woman was Edith Marion Patch, UMaine’s first female entomologist. From that day forward, Gibbs — […]

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Glacial Geology

Aaron Putnam, a research associate with the University of Maine Climate Change Institute, is conducting glacial geology research in Mongolia with doctoral student Peter Strand. Fieldwork will include mapping and collecting samples of moraines and glacial geomorphologic features around Khoton Nuur. Khoton Lake is at the foot of the Altai Mountains near the border of […]

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Being Persistent

A University of Maine researcher, a doctoral student and an undergraduate are at Wind Cave National Park in Hot Springs, South Dakota excavating cave fossils that date back 11,000 years to the end of the most recent ice age. Scientists say preliminary samples from the material — which includes at least 22 species — will […]

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Key Plankton Species

The University of Maine is working with four other research institutions in the region on a $1.1 million study to better understand the physical and biological processes that control the abundance of a plankton species that’s essential to the food web of the Northeast coastal ocean. The researchers will study the marine copepod Calanus finmarchicus. […]

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Fungus Joins the Fight

University of Maine researchers are one step closer to controlling the ever-growing invasive fire ant populations, Myrmica rubra, that have been spreading throughout Maine for the last 15 years. Due to the highly competitive and aggressive behavior of these fire ants, eradication has proven to be almost impossible. UMaine researchers are turning their attention to […]

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